Darren Lockley - I thoroughly enjoyed my custom fitting experience and am already feeling the benefits on the course. I really appreciated the time and patience involved, as well as your professional advice (I actually felt like it was a 'light touch' lesson). The equipment and science involved was particularly eye opening and informative. A key feature throughout was your helpful and supportive approach that enabled me to make the right choices. There was no 'hard sell', just honest and well meaning advice. The post sale golf lesson was an unexpected bonus that shows the value of a true end to end service.

Overall, a great service and one I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Sean Chalcraft - Thanks for helping me to choose and custom fit my RocketBladz. It was an easy enjoyable experience and my clubs were ready within 10 days. Since being fitted, my game has steadily improved and my handicap is dropping. You can't ask for any better results than that.

Martyn Squires - Stuart, found the fitting session very good. Didn't know so much information was needed to fit clubs. Played 3 rounds with new clubs, and seeing a big improvement already. Highly recommend having clubs fitted. Thanks Stuart.

Stuart Newberry - I bought a set of Taylor Made irons from Stu last year and took advantage of the custom fit. His pricing is very competitive, so there's no need to buy them from anywhere else! The free lesson was useful to set me up and start to get used to the new experience of hitting the ball further and more accurately. He takes great care to make sure you buy the clubs that are right for you and your game, so if you're thinking about investing in a new set for the new golfing year, go and see him!"

Dave Rogers - Custom fitting was so straight forward. Timed to suit me, good advice on options, simple measuring process. Got a set of Titleist AP1 at a competitive price. Still early days but feel and ball flight is great.

Regards Dave Rogers


Hi Stuart

Reading your weekly newsletter always prompts me to send you a testimonial regarding my golf club fitting experience ( as I promised I would do!). So without further delay here it is

The decision to move to a set of custom fitted golf clubs was for me, the correct choice, without a doubt. Having clubs which are the correct length and lie make a real difference when out on the course. Since purchasing my Nike Covert 2.0 irons I feel my game has improved enormously, giving me much more confidence. Stuart is very thorough during the fitting process to ensure you get the best club set up, plus you get to review your stats on the laser Achiever System, if you like that sort of thing! The new clubs don't take long to arrive and you even get a free coaching lesson afterwards. A positive experience all round, plus you are supporting your local golf professional.


Suzan Benjamin

"I have really enjoyed my lessons with Stuart, they are fun and informative. Importantly, I have not been overloaded with information, but have been given clear strategies on how to improve my golf with step by step instruction. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stuart for golf lessons."


Mary Burden

"I really wasn't sure about taking up golf - until I retired I had never even picked up a golf club. I booked lessons with Stuart and started very nervously. Within ten minutes Stuart made me feel more relaxed and I started to enjoy what I was doing. Within a few lessons I really felt as though I was getting somewhere thanks to his patience and skill in teaching. His easy style of tuition has helped me improve enormously and has made me enthusiastic to learn more and play properly."



Peter Gavin

"In an effort to beat my teenage son I employed Stuart's services to improve my game. He quickly identified what was wrong with my swing and concentrated on a limited number of solutions i.e. he didn't overburden me with too much to learn at once. This helped enormously and there was a marked improvement in my game. I actually saw tangible and visible results. I still don't beat my son but that is probably because he is also taught by Stuart! I have recommended Stuart to my friends and received universal thanks for it."



Steve White

"Just a note to say, I've just had my best round ever!! Shot a 91 - 35 points, for me thats am amazing. Thank you for the lessons."



Jenny Hansell

"I have always found Stuarts lessons excellent, he always spots the problem and explains exactly what I need to do in order to remedy it, keeping to one or two key points so that I can remember them".



Graham Haines

"My handicap came down to 15 after I shot a nett 6 under in a recent medal, and I drove the green on our par 4 2nd hole recently with a lovely draw so it seems to be helping."



Elizabeth Savery

"Stuart has been full of encouragement while I've had lessons with him. I had lost my enthusiasm for the game but Stuart has improved my driving and fairway shots so much."



Colin Lee

"Stuart Barrett was a wonderful tutor and helped me improve a lot over the three days. I am now planning to return with my friends."


Nigel Wills - (Postcard sent from Barbados)

"Just to let you know I've just parred the 3rd on my 4th round. Hoping to get my handicap out here! Thanks for your advice"